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Our Quality Filtration & Finishing Products Include:

-Absorbent Pads, Mats, Pillows & Socks for Any Spill or Fluid Containment
-All Types of Air Filters
-All Types of Hydraulic Filters
-All Types of Lube Filters
-All Types of Compressor Filters
-Filters for Any Type of Dust Collector or Mist Collector
-Nonwoven Medias
-Complete Line of Paint Booth Filters & Medias
-Liquid Bag Filters & Vessels
-All Types of Sediment Filters
-Water Filters
-Industrial Cleaners for All Applications Including Floor Scrubbers
-Vibratory Finishing Compounds
-Peelable Coatings


CIMCO is helping industry answer some tough questions:

How can I improve my process quality and performance?

How can I keep air, liquid, dust & mist, hydraulic, and waste expenses from driving up total cost of operations?

How can I improve operation efficiency without increasing costs?

Our industry-leading alliance provides unique solutions for these and countless other challenges you face on a daily basis.


The results our customers can expect from our program include:

A better understanding of the impact of filtration and/or process control on their system

Improved responsiveness to their issues

Improved efficiency of system management

Consistent performance across multiple systems and plant sites

Cimco Technologies LLC
70 East Church St. #715
Newark OH 43058-0715
PHONE: 740.366.0951
FAX: 866.480.5766


Cimco Technologies is the filtration company to know for all your filter needs. Proper filtration systems save money by eliminating needless downtime and extending machinery life. Don't allow contamination due to poor filtration cost you money! Contact the filter experts at Cimco. We know filtration and can help you develop a money saving filtration system to fit your needs. Why let a lack of proper filtering on your equipment cost you needless money? Cimco has the industrial filters for your equipment. Cimco Tech, your industrial filter supplier.

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