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 About Cimco Technologies

We are in the Business of Solutions . . .

The challenges in business today require the concentration of dedicated specialists who know the industry inside and out. At Cimco Technologies, we draw upon our considerable expertise to develop the solutions you need to effectively manage your filtration and metal finishing requirements.

The best part is we design filtration and chemical programs compatible with the equipment you already have and monitor these programs to maintain system integrity.

Our Objectives:

To develop a complete understanding of your needs and values
To deliver a plan for total-site resource efficiency
To help you realize your goals for operating costs and improved performance
To provide the fullest range of filtration and finishing solutions
Ultimately to provide responsible resource solutions that will enable you to better manage operating costs, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce waste

Cimco has the experience and expertise to provide just-in-time shipping, cross referencing to all major manufacturers of filtration systems to identify any type of filter requirement, and can provide a customized on-site survey of your facility, saving you money on equipment repair costs and minimizing machinery downtime.


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Cimco Technologies LLC
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PHONE: 740.366.0951
FAX: 866.480.5766

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